How Private Investigators Work?

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There are various myths associated with private investigators that people believe in. In the movies, private investigators may break into buildings to get intel, follow people and take photos of what’s happening inside a home, or do other acts that real private investigators in Singapore do not have the authority to do. If you wish to hire a private investigator for private investigations in Singapore, you must know first how private investigators work. Read the following article to learn about them.

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What is a Private Investigator?

A private investigator is an expert in the field of investigation and, in most places or countries, is licensed to handle investigations on their client’s behalf for compensation. Private investigators gather intel on behalf of another business, law, or individual and often have a signed retainer agreement, contract, or other authority letters from the client authorizing his/her inquiry.

Ace Private Investigators act within the confines of the law to gather the intel needed, but they can help with other various tasks. This can include looking for birth parents, checking the security of business for the owner, looking for a lost person, or finding out whether the client’s partner is cheating on them or not. A private investigator can work on various cases and find quite a bit of information without the need to break the law.

What is the Difference Between Law Enforcement and Private Investigator?

One way to understand how a private investigator works are to state what a private investigator is not. A private investigator isn’t a law enforcement officer. Government agencies hire law enforcement officers to investigate criminal matters as opposed to civil cases. Police investigations are performed by sworn law enforcement officers and done within the constraints of constitutional laws. The investigation is performed to determine if a crime has been committed, determine who committed it, and collect enough evidence to present to the prosecutor for a trial.

A private investigator is an average citizen hired by a client to investigate matters. They are not restricted to criminal investigations like police officers; as a private investigator, you will commonly investigate civil cases. These subjects include but are not restrained to asset location investigations, infidelity investigations, background investigations, or fraudulent insurance claims. Ace Private Investigators may uncover criminal violations but work at the behest of the clients, not a law enforcement company or body.

As private investigators, we are in the information business, in relentless pursuit of the truth. Clients obviously may not always want to know the truth. Still, as a private investigator, your vital job function is to collect the facts, not withhold any of the facts, use sound judgment and reasoning, and develop a factual account or conclusion from the information you have gathered.

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Ultimately, regardless of the nature or complexity of the investigation, Private investigations in Singapore include performing only a few essential functions in developing the evidence upon which the final report to their client rests.

These are the four foundations of the business of private investigations in its purest definition, and the rest of the manual has been developed with these concepts in mind.

Can Private Investigators Make Arrest?

In various circumstances, a private investigator in Singapore cannot make any arrest, even if they witness them committing a crime. The private investigator can document the crime occurring, as long as they don’t violate any laws, and contact law enforcement and inform them about the crime. This can lead to the person’s arrest, but the private investigator cannot make any arrest because they are not police officers.

A private investigator can sometimes make a citizen’s arrest if it is illegal in their jurisdiction. Some states allow this, while some forbid it. Although, a citizen arrest is not an arrest, and the private investigator cannot take the person to jail. Instead, they detain someone until the police arrive and arrest them.

Because private investigators can gather evidence when they are conducting surveillance, with restrictions that differ from state to state, when private investigators gather intel and find evidence of a crime, they can document as much about the crime and wait for the law enforcement officers to come. The private investigator can provide any evidence they may have to the police officers who arrived at the crime scene. 

The information attained by the private investigator is used against the arrested person in court to secure a conviction. All proof that is handed over to law enforcement needs to be gained legally. Still, private investigators do have many methods to gather the evidence before speaking with the police about the crime.

Do Private Investigators Carry a Badge?

Again, we mentioned above that Private investigators are not law enforcement officers, and for this reason, they are not allowed to impersonate one under any circumstance. This is something that law enforcement personnel take very seriously. Therefore, private investigators in Singaporeare not to wear a uniform or carry a badge. If a private investigator has a uniform or badge and someone believes that they are a police officer, they could be charged under criminal offence.

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