How Can Private Investigators Help in Child Custody Lawsuit?

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A countless number of cases of child custody in Singapore are aggressive, and both parties get accusations against one another. Hiring an Ace Private Investigator can drastically help in inclining the evidence in one way. A private investigator for child custody helps to make sure things are worked out with the child’s best interest in mind. These private investigations assist in making sure that your child is safe and helps to gather the evidence you need to show in the court. In this article today, we will talk about the different types of child custody, the benefits of hiring Ace Private Investigators, and the role of a Private Investigator in Singapore.

What Are Types of Child Custody Are There In Singapore?

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Child Custody Singapore

Child custody in Singapore is one of the biggest concerns. It determines whether the mother or the child’s father will be given the authority to take care of the child and make significant decisions regarding the child. 

In Singapore, the law of custody applies to everyone, regardless of their religion or cast. The Women’s Charter further complements the primary statute governing child custody in Singapore. The judge usually focuses on the child’s best interest and may consider various factors when determining which type of custody order to grant. The judge may give any of the following custody over the child.

  • Sole Custody Order

Under this type of custody, the chosen parent shall have exclusive rights to the child. The granted parent is responsible for making significant decisions about the child’s life, such as education, medical-associated matters, etc.

  • Split Custody Order

The split custody order divides the child’s custody to both the father and the mother. In other words, the custody of one or more siblings will be granted to one parent, while the custody of the other siblings will be given to the other parent. It is a rare type of order that the court grant, as they would generally permit siblings to stay together to support each other.

  • Joint Custody Order

Under this child custody in Singapore, both parents are offered equal responsibilities and right over the matters associated with the child. They must communicate and take advice from each other and reach an agreement when making essential decisions regarding the child’s welfare. When both parents cannot seem to come to terms with each other, they may apply to the court to determine the disputed matters.

  • Hybrid Order 

This order is similar to the sole custody order since only one parent will be given custody over the child. However, the parent who is granted custody must consult or obtain the non-custodial parent’s consent when deciding on matters associated with the upbringing and welfare of the child.

What is the Role of Private Investigator in Singapore?

If you think that your child is not safe with the other parent, you should hire Ace Private Investigator. What would be an unsafe situation? If you suspect that the other parent is abusing the child physically or mentally, a private investigator in Singapore can provide evidence to help you make your case.

There are other situations that may benefit you by hiring a Private detective in Singapore, such as:

  • A child who is exposed to drugs or alcohol
  • A child whose basic needs are not fulfilled 
  • A child who is neglected or lives in danger

How Does a Private Investigator Work?

Family law disputes involving matters such as child custody in Singapore and child support usually involve putting parents up again each other, requiring fact-finding. While attorneys specialize in identifying the most relevant information in discovery, they frequently turn the fact-finding task over to an authorized private investigator. Although they do not have the power of those in the police department, they still play a similar role in gathering evidence.

If you hire a private detective in Singapore for child custody, he will look to make sure that your child is safe; their investigations mainly focus on:

  • Parent morality
  • Alcohol and drug use
  • Parenting skills
  • Basic needs of the child such as food, shelter, clothes, and education
  • Physical or mentally violence
  • Criminal record
  • The home environment

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Private Investigator In Singapore?

After hiring an ace private investigator, he will provide you with evidence of child safety and other fundamental needs. If the proofs identify that the parent is not taking care of the child as he/she should be, you can use this evidence in court and win the case. There are three ways to use the information from a private investigator:

•        Proving That the Child Is Not Safe With The Other Parent

Let us assume that you suspect that your child is exposed to illegal drug use, and your private investigator provides evidence that your suspicions were accurate. You now have the proof that is needed to fight for full custody.

  • Clearing your Name

You may be falsely accused of inappropriate behaviour in the emotional turmoil of a divorce or custody battle. If you hire a private investigator, a good report will help you to clear your name and show that you provide a loving, safe home and behave peacefully with the child.

  • To Feel at Ease When Your Child Is With The Other Parent.

Suppose the investigations provide no proof of emotional or physical abuse. You will feel more relaxed when your child is with the other parent. By hiring an Ace private investigator, it will give you peace of mind. The most crucial thing to bear in mind is that a private investigator provides you with facts. These facts will either help you in the custody battle or help you feel more comfortable.


Ace Private Investigator Child Custody

Now that you have read the article, you have learned the benefits of hiring an Ace private investigator, and now you have more chances to win the battle of child custody. Contact Ace Private Investigations PTE LTD at


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