Child Custody

Private Investigators Singapore Child Custody Investigation

Child Custody Investigations

Our team of professional private investigators will gather the necessary evidence needed for your custody battle in court.

Are you going through a divorce and thinking about how the Court will handle you and your spouse’s rights to the child’s custody, access and care and control? With our gathered evidence, you may have a higher chance of custody.

It is important to know that when dealing with child custody, the Court does not take into consideration the preferences of the parents as being more important than the welfare of the child. The parent with a higher level of education or income will not certainly gain an advantage in terms of convincing the Court to give him/her custody of the child. The Court will always consider what arrangement is in the best interests and welfare of the Child. With our professional child custody investigation, we will help our client provide the relevant evidence needed to gain an edge for the child custody. 

In deciding which parent to give the child custody or care and control to, the Family Justice Court in Singapore takes into account the “welfare principle” which is a guiding principle stating that the court will always make decisions that are in the best interests of your child.

If you believe you need to present certain evidence which may help in your child custody case in Court, we can help you investigate, obtain and present that evidence. Check out our other services like adultery investigations.

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