Adultery Investigation

Adultery Investigation

Private investigators are asked regularly to investigate a potential cheating partner. Our team of professional matrimonial and relationship investigators are specialists in conducting confidential surveillances internationally.

According to Singapore law, Adultery has a very simple and clear definition; adultery is committed when your spouse voluntarily engages in sexual intercourse with another person of the opposite sex. While emotional adultery is equally devastating to a marriage, it doesn’t fall under the legal definition of adultery. 

During the adultery investigations, our team of professional private investigators collate substantial evidence in order to address your problem so that you have the information to decide what to do next. Our professional services consist of the following:

Unless you know the truth you will remain anxious, upset and you cannot move forward. We believe the truth is out there. With our free no obligations consultation, we can help you uncover the truth so that you can move on.

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