5 Reasons Why You Should Join Ace Private Investigations if You Want to Be Private investigators

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If you’ve ever heard of Ace Private Investigations (API) through some friend or over the internet, then you must know our expertise and reputation in the private investigations industry. We are a private investigations company licensed by PLRD (Police Licensing & Regulatory Department) of Singapore. Our sole mission is to offer our client assistance and evidence through our professional and private investigations. To all the private investigators out there or people who are interested to join the industry, if wondering what makes us apart from others, you are in the right place to get informed.

Ace Private Investigations Singapore believes in the supremacy of truth and justice. Hence, we are committed to expose what’s hidden behind the door and let the truth surface.

We are always trying to look for committed, passionate, and hardworking private investigators who have the courage to be alongside with truth and let it win with dignity. If you are reading this out, we are going to provide you with five main reasons you should join us. So, without further ado, let get straight to it.

1.     Professional Attitude of Investigators

Professional Service and satisfaction of clients is our top-most priority. We encourage private investigators in Singapore with a competent attitude and adaptability to work in a highly inclusive environment. Private investigations must go through a series of procedural criteria to complete a given task with great conviction. Our team is keen to grow and expand with individuals ready to translate their proficiency into a credible resource.

Quality of Investigation Service

We do not believe in the pervasive notion that higher quality comes with higher costs. Our diligent team is committed to providing superior quality service with no overburden to the client’s pocket. Whatever the subject of our client demand, our experienced investigation team can make it to expectation in the best possible manner. Our private investigation mechanism comes with the ease of what our client wants from us. Not only that, we believe in a transparent system that favors both our clients and investigators. If you think you can gel in with such a dedicated team, we are here to welcome you to join our family as private investigators.

2. Efficient Investigation of Adultery Cases

We own skilled matrimonial private investigators for heinous crimes like adultery. We all know the precise classification of affairs in Singapore law as the voluntary act of sexual intercourse of your cheating partner. For the investigation of infidelity, our investigation team look for a substantial approach to solve the case. In the meantime, our private investigators ensure 100% confidentiality of the client to avoid any mishap from our side. We focus on developing an investigation process tailored to address the case of every individual.

From the evidential point of view, private investigations must have a good collection of evidence from surveillance footage and videos to forensic evidence. While gathering information, our professionals document each detail that concludes judgment in favor of the victim. Overall, our 3’S formula of- Systematic Strategy, Surveillance, and Secrecy has the ability to extract the truth from delusions with leave no margin for potential error.

We have no leniency for those who compromise on our primary demand of professional ethics and investigative approach. Thus, people who lack this potential of professional behavior and participation in team discussion will not get any space among us.

3. Safe Handling of Child Custody Cases


Our network of private investigators can solve the battle of child custody without letting compromise on the family prestige. Perhaps, you have an idea of how devastating it could be for someone to have to go through separation or divorce. It is a very a delicate matter that demands careful handling; otherwise, family and children suffer a lot more than they need it. Therefore, we follow an authentic and safe path of collecting evidence and necessary information to get legal or martial rights to the deserving custodian. In the court of law, nothing matters the most than the wellbeing of the child. And our professionals know how to get those relevant proofs which offer an edge to our client. If you need to present such a case in court, we undoubtedly provide you with the best cooperative team to win the case.

4. Surveillance Of Business Frauds

Imagine someone hired an employee but ended up being trapped in a commercial scam? It happens in most cases due to the negligence of scrutiny and wrong submissions of the potential employee. In any such claim, we will help you with the investigations of commercial misconduct. Often, people misinterpret their employee’s conduct which could bring huge losses to both parties financially and morally. Therefore, it is crucial to go for a discreet investigation that unveils hidden patterns and misstatements of your employee. Only with concrete evidence can you prove the accused in the court of law, and for that, private investigators play a significant role.

False Insurance Claims

There is a list of cases we deal with on a daily basis and a lot of them involve false financial/insurance claims. Our investigation team comes in contact with many such businesses and insurance companies to inspect any kind of suspicious and fraudulent activity. Once the client reaches us, we began a comprehensive approach with our team of professional private investigators. It has then proceeded into inquiry report will eventually result in successful case handling during court hearings.

5. Accurate Investigation Of Commercial Mishandling

We can do private investigations for employee theft appropriately through our vigilant team. Whether it’s about financial misuse to the disclosure of policy secrets, nothing is out of reach for our team. Recovery of stolen assets is not an easy job, especially when people have no first-hand evidence. To resolve such cases, our investigators know ways to determine the nature of fraud, trace errors in records, and match them with the client’s allegation. Apart from money loss, misplacement of products is another most critical scenario to investigate. However, high surveillance is one primary key to hint at culprits, and our private investigator knows exactly how to deal with it.


Hopefully after reading this article you have more insight into our fields of expertise and professionalism. We have enlisted different parameters like what we require from our investigators, our client’s expectations, our perspective about private investigations, and in final what our expertise is. This space has enough information to decide your take as a private investigator about Ace Private Investigations Singapore. If you are interested to find out more about our services or join us as a professional private investigator, please visit Ace Private Investigations website at https://acepi.com.sg/.


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