Are Women More Prone To Cheating Than Men?

Are Women More Prone To Cheating Than Men?

We often hear questions in general like who is most likely to cheat- a man or a woman. Whoever it is, whether a man or a woman, it hurts the other to the core. A few studies showed that at least one instance of cheating occurs in roughly 25% of married people and around 40% of people in other intimate relationships.

Moreover, studies also reveal, 70% of marriages come to the extent of divorce because of extramarital affairs of the spouses. However, it is not always the correct way to judge. The reason is, men are most likely into reckless infidelity, and careless behavior, which is easier to detect. While women are better at concealing as the outcomes of being caught include more risks than that of a man. She risks losing her children, reputation, financial stability, and possibly her life.

7 Points To Check In Your Partner If 

The fact is both genders cheat and we have listed some of the warning signals that might help check the unfaithfulness of the spouse.

  1. Secretive behaviour

Have you been noticing that your spouse is keeping the phone and laptop on lock code? Personal space is something everyone needs but keeping oneself distant all of a sudden might be a sign. Cheating spouses are also used to hiding bank statements and browsing or call history on the phone. 

Moreover, they have been receiving more calls that are not related to work or if they tend to go to a different place to answer the phone. You can always feel the sudden distancing behavior. All this can be a sign if he or she is cheating in a relationship.

  1. Sexual activity changes

Infidelity can manifest itself in your relationship as both decreased and increased amounts of sexual activity. Less sex occurs when your partner’s attention is diverted to someone else; more sex occurs when they are attempting to conceal this. You might also find less emotional connection in your sex life when one of the partners is not mentally present with you.

 If your partner is adding new techniques and activities into your sex life, then it might be a sign, he or she is introducing new techniques and activities into your sex life. Even if you like it, it is conceivable they are picking up new skills outside of your relationship.

  1. Blame you for everything

Cheaters tend to justify their actions. They accomplish this in a variety of ways, one of which is by placing blame on you. They start persuading you, the reasons may be many- your appearance is changing, and you have become boring and such. Yet they got involved in an outside affair where they could have more fun.

Their explanations for cheating frequently slip out, and they react negatively to you and your relationship. If it feels like nothing you do is perfect, or that you’re being pushed away, it could be a sign of infidelity.

  1. Changes in their friends’ behaviour

When you talk about infidelity, you must know that most of the time the betrayed person is the last one to find out about it. As the people who are friends with the cheater frequently are aware of the situation from the outset. This information usually makes these people feel uneasy while they are near you.

You may find some disconnection between them and you or they avoid discussing your relationship. 

  1. No emotional intimacy

Relationships tend to be more fun at the beginning than later. Having said that, we do have a tendency to form bonds and solid attachments over time, learning to trust one another with our secrets, wants, and other significant areas of our life. Building emotional intimacy is the term for this procedure. In addition, its emotional connection that keeps us attached to our significant others long after the rose has faded.

  1. Unusual Expenses

You might notice some strange charges on your spouse’s credit cards or bank accounts. Alternatively, the other accounts suddenly have less money in them; this could be an indication of adultery. If you inquire about these expenses with your partner and their responses appear to be false, they are most certainly false. Gifts, excursions, wine and dinners, hotel rooms, and other expenses associated with infidelity add up. Cheating has many costs attached to it. It is not a good indicator if you notice huge cash withdrawals or evidence of purchases from locations you rarely or never visit.

  1. Not reachable

Another sign of cheating on you may be, he or she will be less likely to pick up the phone or react to your SMS. You might hear plausible reasons like they were in a meeting, driving, or a “dead zone” and didn’t realize you were attempting to contact them. It is a terrible indicator if your partner is unavailable while working late or on a business trip.

Seek Help From Professionals In Singapore

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