Commercial Private Investigation

Commercial Private Investigation

Employee Background Checks
Our experienced team of private investigators will discreetly pursue any investigations into any potential employee on your behalf. We can help to verify certain facts presented to you during the hiring stage as hiring based on misstatements can be very costly.

Employee Misconduct
Suspecting your employee is moonlighting? Cahooting with competitors? Disruptive absences due to excessive Medical Leave? Our team of investigators can uncover and provide evidence through discreet investigations to help you make an informed decision(s) on the action you might be taking.

Insurance Claims
Without prejudice, we have acted on behalf of many of the leading insurance companies and businesses to investigate all suspicious and potentially fraudulent claims. We offer a full range of round-the-clock insurance investigations. We can compile and present our findings in a comprehensive report that is admissible in the Courts Of Law.

Employee Theft
Employee theft can come in different forms. From misappropriation of cash, products, property to obtaining trade secrets not meant for their eyes. Below are some of the more common forms of employee theft.

Commercial Investigation
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