How To Win A Child Custody Case

How to win a Child Custody Case

A custody battle is always intense, involving emotional trauma, re-occurring disputes, and court hearings. Various personal conflicts with a spouse can lead to separation. But along with the spouse, children also suffer from a broken marriage. It has long-term effects on the mental health of a broken family. Mostly, neither party agrees to compromise or come on the same page regarding the Child’s custody. It is advisable to hire a lawyer or a private investigator in these legal matters. Their professionalism and sound knowledge about legal issues can help increase the chances of winning child custody cases. 

Family Laws in Singapore:

Every country has its Family Laws, including divorce and child custody. In Singapore, a father usually has fewer chances to gain complete control of a child. Mostly, a mother is granted child custody because of nurturing nature and bond. However, there are a few exceptions to it. 

According to the law, both parents are responsible for the Child’s maintenance. In case of marriage dissolution, the court may order a parent to pay monthly for the Child’s expenses until the Child reaches the age of 21. Particular circumstances of a child may increase the years of maintenance; it can go above 21 years. Many factors decide the amount to be allocated for a child’s upkeep. The court looks into the financial earning and capacity, necessary expenses of a child, education, and standard of lifestyle. 

Difference between Child Custody & Care and Control:

Child’s Custody:

Before jumping on how to win your child custody case, it is crucial to understand a few types of court orders in terms of a child. A court orders joint or equal child custody to encourage co-parenting in most cases. It also helps in maintaining a child’s mental health. It allows the ex-partners to understand that parenting can be done outside the marriage premises. Full child custody may be granted if the other parent is abusive or absent. 

Care and Control:

The parent with care and control is the one with whom the child will live. In most cases, mothers are granted this relation and equal child custody to involve the father in parenting. Fathers still have a chance to attain care and control over how they have been engaged in their Child’s life and betterment. Any parent can apply for complete maintenance and management, which his lawyer or private investigator has to win for it. The parent without care and control can access their child periodically. 

Child’s Preference:

In a few cases, the child is given the right to express his choice if he’/she is mature and sensible enough. But in the end, it will be the court’s decision based on evidence and the Child’s utmost benefit. 

How to Win Child Custody Battle:

Being in a child custody case can be nerve-reckoning. It is expected for emotions to be over logical reasoning. Listed below are a few suggestions on how to win a custody battle.

  • Keeping emotions aside: Being practical: 

No parent wants to give up on their Child’s care and control. It is emotionally distressing. But to find a way out, a parent needs to think more practically about their situation. 

  • Learn about Family Laws:

You cannot win the case because you love your Child more. Courts need evidence to ensure the child care and custody are given to the deserving parent. To fight the game, you need to know the rules. Learn about family laws in Singapore to see possible winning areas and analyze your situation.

  • Analyze your weak points:

Note down areas of disagreements you have with your ex-partner. It will help you see points that both parents might agree on and disagree with. Your ex-partner will counter your disputes in court. Prepare your weak points and converse with more substantial facts. If you are financially unstable or had a drug addiction in the past, take it seriously now. Tell the judge by starting with your weak points. This way, the judge will know that you are willing to work on your flaws.

  • Be involved in your Child’s life:

There might be a chance where the court asks about the Child’s choice for custody. Take care of a child’s necessities and create a strong bond of honesty. Do not badmouth another parent; it will be traumatizing for the child. Respect the child’s wishes and choices. Your child should love both the parents despite who gets complete care and control. 

  • Hire a Private Investigator:

You cannot win on your own. It would help if you had an expert on your side for legal and moral advice. During a child custody investigation, a PI will do a background check and surveillance to see if the other partner is abusive, a drug addict, or has a criminal record. The investigation will lead to evidence that can help build up a strong case in the court.

A child’s support amount is decided based on a parent’s financial earnings and assets. Unfortunately, some parents hide their assets to lower child maintenance amounts. A private investigator can help in finding hidden assets as well. If an asset was hidden on purpose, this could, too, add a chance of winning a child custody battle.

  • Prepare for the Court:

Follow court etiquettes and appear for a subpoena. Prepare your documents. Be mentally prepared for multiple visitations of court hearings. Let your private investigator or lawyer present the case. 

  • Presenting the case, evidence:

After doing all the homework and preparations, present your case with solid evidence. Be prepared for questions that might arise from the opponent party.

  • Respect Judge’s Decision:

After hearing from both sides, the judge will pass an order based on evidence and in the child’s best interest. If a father is applying for child custody, be prepared for a decision against your choice. It could be in your favor too, but it is not sure. Whatever is the decision, respect it for the betterment of your child. You can also appeal for further investigations and ruling if not satisfied.


Court’s primary objective is to ensure the child’s protection and well-being. If you have a strong case, a professional private detective who conducted a good child custody investigation, you have a chance of winning the case. If it is not in your favor, you will still have the privileges to be involved in your Child’s life. 


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