A Complete List Of Top Private Investigators In Singapore

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In this blog, there is a collection of all important facts and details about top private investigators in Singapore that you should know before going for any private investigator in Singapore but before moving to the top private investigators in Singapore, you must understand what a private investigator is and what kind of duties a private investigator executes? 

What is typically a private investigator?

A private investigator is any investigative person who is not connected with any police force but offers his services as a freelance investigator or it can be associated with a particular detective agency. Even though a private investigator is not able to take any legal actions even if they have some solid proof against criminals, however, the information that they collect can be helpful for the police to arrest criminals.

What exactly are the duties that a private investigator executes?

A private investigator is not just involved in criminal cases but also collects information for clients of multiple backgrounds. Private investigators pursue evidence about legal, financial as well as private matters. The services that a private investigator offers include verification of a person’s background, statements, finding any missing persons, to investigate hackers who steal or mistreat any Company’s or individual’s data by illegal means.

Further, they also perform multiple other tasks such as collecting particular evidence for their clients, interviewing different people to collect information related to their case, investigating a company’s employees to save a company from any possible loss as well as investigating criminal records. A private investigator takes action by using multiple tools to make an authentic set of facts by doing deep research.  

Things that private instigators need to understand

Private investigators must need to understand and follow the laws of the state as well as local laws since they do not have any police authority and they have to do their duty under the same authority as a citizen. That’s why they must understand laws and legal issues that can affect their work and may cause trouble for them. In such cases, their evidence will be of no use and will not accept in court. 

Well, now you have a fair knowledge of private investigators and what duties they perform, let’s move to the list of top private investigators in Singapore. Check the list out to see which one best suits your area of interest.

A complete list of top Private Investigators in Singapore

No matter for which purpose you are hiring a private investigator in Singapore, it is advised that you should go for the most reliable private investigation agency in Singapore that should be approved by Singapore Police Force. 

  1. Asia Top Investigation, Singapore

It is the topmost experienced private investigation agency, with 45 years of experience, which has been featured across multiple platforms including FOX, CBS, The Times, etc. that says a lot about their quality. The best thing about them is that their team is quite large with about 60 certified private investigators in Singapore. They offer services for commercial, matrimonial, and digital forensics purposes and their private investigators are trained to collect information through any possible means and they make sure no information can pass them by. The only drawback that clients have to face in hiring their services is that rates are above normal. 

  1. SK Investigation, Singapore

This investigation agency is another topmost supplier of the best private investigators in Singapore. Their private investigators offer a wide range of services including corporate investigations as well as overseas operations and that is why they are counted in, among the top private investigators in Singapore. Even though it is among the first established investigation firm in Singapore, its private investigators are fully trained to use technology and are well equipped with the latest technological tools to collect information. They provide different strategic options to their clients before the start of a project and the clients can also manage their budget besides their choices. So this firm provides you best private investigators in Singapore within affordable means. 

  1. Resilient Investigations, Singapore

This is another trusted and affordable investigation agency in Singapore and their private investigators are among the best private investigators of Singapore. Moreover, this firm is licensed by Singapore Police Force so their private investigators are well aware of their limits as well as legal issues and make sure to follow local as well as state laws. Their private investigators go to any extent to give their clients the required information. 

  1. International Investigators, Singapore

The best thing about this investigation firm is that their private investigators are open to the services every single day of the week. Yes, you hear it right. They are open even on weekends. That is the reason this is among the top providers of private investigators in Singapore. Since their private investigators offer services for only matrimonial and commercial cases, it allows them to do a more focused investigation. Further, their private investigators prioritize the emotional well-being of their clients by providing not only legal support but counseling them about how to react under such circumstances. 

  1. Ranger security, Singapore

It is also the most experienced private investigators firm in Singapore included in this list with more than 30 years of experience. Their private investigators use techniques that are a mixture of both traditional as well as modern investigative strategies. Over the years, it has been the biggest cause behind their excellence. Further, they offer services during any time of the day even during the night if there is an emergency. Their private investigators provide services like locating missing persons, matrimonial as well as commercial cases, and mobile phone data recovery. Their private investigators are also equipped with security equipment to protect their clients’ vital possessions.

Ace Private Investigations Ltd, Singapore

This is another experienced, top private investigation firm in Singapore whose private investigators are among Singapore’s best private investigators. The services that they provide include adultery investigation as well as Commercial investigation. They also offer services in Child Custody investigation that makes this investigation firm unique from other investigation firms in Singapore. Further, there private investigators go to any extent to collect their client’s desired information and are well aware of legal issues and their limits.


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