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You all have probably watched investigative movies like Sherlock Holmes, Broken City, The Nice Guys, The Long Good-Bye, etc. How an investigator works seem pretty awesome. After watching that movie, you also want to be an investigator. You think and act like you are on a mission to figure out the unsolvable. In reality, you are just finding where you put your phone last time. That’s what a movie does! Creates an impact. 

Now, comparing fictional investigators to the real ones, the work is not that simple. It requires skills, mindfulness, a sharp eye, to figure out things and bring out what’s been hidden. 

Why need a private investigator?

People can go through rough patches of life in legal and personal matters. Here are the following reasons why you can hire a private investigator:

  • Find a missing person
  • Going through a Divorce
  • Adultry
  • Involved in child custody
  • Background checks
  • Suspecting fraud
  • Criminal investigation
  • Facing cyberbully
  • Infidelity
  • Require counter-surveillance
  • Infringement cases 
  • Find missing assets
  • Stolen or lost property

Is Private Investigator and Detective the same?

By the name, they both seem to be the same thing but they are not. The major difference between the two lies in employment. A detective works for a law agency while an investigator is hired by people and companies. You can find private detectives and private investigators in Singapore, offering professional services. 

Is Private Investigation legal?

Yes, it is legal to hire a PI. Make sure you check their license first. As long as the investigator works within the boundaries of the law, they are on track. There are certain do’s and don’ts for an investigator to follow. 

In Singapore, professionally trained PIs are given licenses by Singapore Police. The license is valid for two years. There are many leading private investigators in Singapore. Ace Private Investigators can resolve your problems with utmost excellence. 

Can a private Investigator carry firearms?

Yes, a PI can carry firearms for security reasons. They need to be eligible, know how to use it, and have a gun license. 

Can Private Investigators work with Police?

If there is a legal issue, PI can work with the police. A private investigator does not have the authority to arrest a suspect. If it is needed so, he can present the evidence to the police authority to carry out the arrest. 

How a Private Detective solves the riddle:

Despite the type of work, they are hired for, they follow the same basic steps to help their clients. 

  • A meeting with the client:

Private Detectives conduct a meeting with their clients. It can be over the phone or a physical one. An in-person meeting is usually preferred. It will be a detailed discussion where the detective will find the client’s wants and need from the case. As a professional, the private detective will suggest legal advice and the right approach towards the case. 

He will also ask for every detail he needs to know to start working. He might also ask for some legal documents. 

  • Devising the action plan:

After getting the details from the client, the PI works on how to carry out the investigation. He will identify the key factors and goals to get things moving. Planning will help PI to be prepared for the risk factors that he might face during the investigation.

  • Action Time:

Now the works begin. PI will do the following to find clues and evidence

  1. Talk to the clients, friends, family, and suspects. He can also disguise himself to do so. 
  2. Collect legal documents like tax records, licenses, birth & death certificates, transactions, phone records, and more.
  3. He might go through ethical mobile surveillance to know about incoming & outgoing calls, personal contacts, and databases. 
  4. Looking up at social media
  5. Go to the suspect’s place and areas where he has been
  6. Can involve the police if it is a legal matter
  7. Use tools like GPS tracking, camera recordings, database, digital scanner, advanced google search, and more.
  • Analyzing the collected data:

Once the private investigator has collected enough data, he joins the dots and looks for places that seem odd. In doing so, he will most likely get evidence and the history of how the matter was puzzled. 

  • Presenting the solved case:

Once he has proof, he will inform his client about the case. He will present the evidence and share what has happened. After that, he can also suggest you if you need legal help.

Interesting Facts about Private Investigators:

  • They might create fake social media accounts to check you
  • They might look into your garbage to find a clue
  • They can access your bank account legally to check for a lead
  • They are high in demand now
  • It’s a high paying job
  • They are not allowed to carry a badge; some states allow the private investigator to have a badge. 


A private detective can think out of the box. They have an eagle’s eye to see things differently. Sometimes, legal matters take time. By hiring a PI, you can get your case solved timely. Their skills can help you solve your case with efficiency. PI will also identify the risk factors that the client might have. To ensure the client’s safety, he will provide you with sound advice on what steps to take for betterment.  The job of a private investigator is to require the bravery to take risks, intellect to put missing pieces in their place.


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