What Qualifications does a Private Investigator require?

What Qualifications does a Private Investigator require

A private investigator has a strong fictional image because of movies. We think of someone wearing a long coat with a big hat, smoking a cigar in darkness. It seems that you need to have a sharp mind like Sherlock Holmes to become a Private investigator. It’s not so simple in the real life. It requires some education, license, and hands-on experience to become a private investigator.  

Private Investigators in Singapore:

There has been a boom in the PI Industry. The demand for hiring private detectives is predicted to increase by 13% from 2020 to 2030.  As of popular opinion, PI is considered to be hired mostly for infidelity cases. PI can do much more than that. They can do background checks, surveillance, find missing persons, infringement cases, and more. 

Every state has its criteria for becoming a PI. Private Detectives or investigators in Singapore are in demand. Successful Private detective agencies, like Ace private investigators, are working with utmost excellency to solve customers’ riddles. 

Criteria of becoming Private Investigator in Singapore:

A person who is interested in becoming a Private Investigator in Singapore must have some personal attributes, investigation skills, education, and license approved by the Singapore Authorities. Let’s dive into what makes a person qualify for a private detective in Singapore.

  • Strong Personal Traits:

A private detective requires a strong mind and physical fitness. A PI should have the ability to be conscious of the moment and look for anything unusual. He should have good communication skills to get out necessary information from a suspect. A powerful PI should be able to connect the dots and fix the missing pieces of the puzzle. He should be able to foresee the risks he might encounter during an investigation. Planning a strong investigating strategy is crucial for a private detective. How an investigation is carried out might determine the success of the case. 

  • Education:

The minimum educational requirement of becoming a private detective in Singapore is a diploma or a degree in a relevant field like criminology. However, if you do not have a diploma or a degree related to it, you can go for different PI courses. Multiple platforms and PI agencies are offering training programs in private investigation. From these courses, one can learn different methodologies and investigation techniques. He should be able to handle different legal procedures that might occur during the investigation. Learning from experienced PI academies can inculcate strong PI skills. 

  • Self-Defense Skills:

A private investigator is always at a risk. During the investigation, a PI might encounter troublesome situations. A private detective is allowed to carry firearms and should have self-defense training. 

  • Handling Confidential Information:

A private investigator has the client’s personal information which he must protect and respect at all costs. He is not allowed to leak his clients’ details and is responsible for its protection.

  • Qualify for the License:

A private investigator in Singapore should be above 16 years of age. He should be a Singapore national and resident. A medical certificate is required to ensure the person is physically fit. He should be able to pass a performance module in which his investigation skills are tested. WSQ (Workforce Skills Qualification) is also required which certifies skills for the workforce.

Once the person qualifies the above requirements, he obtains a license of PI from the Singapore Police Department. This license is valid for five years. It can take around 6 months to four years to become a licensed private detective 

  • Abide by the rules:

A private detective in Singapore has to be sincere in his job. It is a must to follow the dos and don’ts. In case of violation of any rule, the PI license can be canceled. It will also add to your negative review and might risk your PI career.  

  • Being Patient:

A private detective might have to wait for several hours during investigations. A planned interview with a witness might get delayed, a legal procedure could take time.  Also, He must have the stamina to work at any time of the day. Because some investigations might be carried out during the night. 

  • Have experience before working with Clients:

There are many job opportunities as a beginner. A newbie can join private investigation agencies in Singapore like Ace private investigation or can start as a freelance investigator. Through an agency, a newbie PI can market himself better and get experience quickly. A beginner PI is preferred to work as an intern with professional private detectives to gain experience.

  • Able to read the Client:

A client can be emotional while communicating with the PI about his case. As a result, the client might not be able to present you with all the facts. A professional PI should be able to comprehend the client’s needs and wants. He should be a good listener to pay attention to facts, the client’s concerns, and fears.

  • Photography Skills:

A private detective needs to collect evidence during his investigation. He should know basic photography skills to capture in detail with different angles. A good phone camera or a DSLR is required. It could be possible that the PI has to take pictures in a dark environment. He should know how to record or take pictures clearly in such conditions. 


Being a private investigator in Singapore might seem fascinating. But it requires strong skill sets to be successful. Hard work, tenacious and consistency can make a PI successful. The more experience a PI gets the more recognition and earning. 


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